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Micrel Inc.

Micrel Inc., is a leading manufacturer of IC solutions for the worldwide analog, Ethernet and high bandwidth markets. The Company's products include high performance analog, power, advanced mixed-signal and radio frequency semiconductors; high speed communication, clock management, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver integrated circuits. These products address a wide range of rapidly growing end markets including cellular handsets, portable and enterprise computing, enterprise and home networking, wide area and metropolitan area networks and industrial equipment.

Founded in 1978, Micrel has an excellent record of revenue growth and sustained profitability. The Company has posted year-over-year revenue growth in 23 out of 26 years and been profitable in 25 of its 26 years of its existence. The Company has consistently generated positive cash flows since going public in 1994.

Corporation headquarters and state-of-the-art wafer fabrication facilities are located in San Jose, California with regional sales and support offices and advanced technology design centers situated throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. In addition, the Company maintains an extensive worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors.

Micrel utilizes both its own world-class wafer fabrication facility, which contains a broad array of process technologies that allow Micrel to quickly develop and introduce state-of-the-art products. Micrel combines its expertise in fabrication technology with world-class design teams to develop and produce these high performance products to provide our customers with the solutions they need to compete in today?s fast paced technology industry.

Quality Assurance
Micrel first achieved ISO 9001 registration on March 31, 1997 and in December of 2004, the Company's wafer fabrication facility was certified to ISO14001:1996, the International Environmental Management System Standard. The goal of the environmental management system is to ensure regulatory compliance and to reduce environmental impact through waste reduction and recycling.

Micrel is fiercely committed to its customers' success. Micrel's outstanding sales, customer service and technical support organizations, together with its manufacturing operations, are structured specifically to address customer needs and requirements. Micrel is known throughout the industry for its service orientation and for being, "fast on its feet"

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